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How was your Christmas? I hope that (like mine) it was full of festive happiness and cheer

It can be a challenging time of year but worry not if you succumbed to a few indulgences – New Year is upon us and if you are thinking of starting the year with renewed commitment to staying well and looking good, help is at hand.

My new book Eat. Nourish. Glow will be hitting the shelves on 1st January and I am over-the-moon excited. If you fancy a sneaky peek, then pop out and buy a copy of The Mail on Sunday as the imminent launch of the book is featured in its magazine today. We’ve kept the recipes secret (you’ll have to buy the book!) but you’ll learn a little more about my ’10 Easy Steps’ to losing weight and feeling and looking younger and healthier.

My book is not a diet book nor do I preach the need for abstinence; instead, I share my experience and principals that will see your health and well-being reach new heights. I champion the enjoyment of wholesome, nutritious food and I share many of my favourite recipes, each packing a delicious punch of flavour and goodness. I’ve spent much of the past year focused on the book and I hope that it will motivate you to adopt a healthier, new way of eating. x

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