Who's the expert?

I am so often asked to recommend wellness professionals (in fact, I can’t keep up with the number of requests!). I hesitate to give direct advice, as finding the right practitioner to suit your needs is a supremely personal experience. There are many whom I greatly admire: those I have had the privilege to work closely with; been treated myself by; and those I follow closely for their professionalism and consistently excellent results to aid my own professional development & personal growth.

I am delighted to be able to share the lives and work of a few of these remarkable practitioners. If you are keen to work with a Nutritional Therapist in your area, please go to my FAQs page for more info. 

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Nicola Moore, Nutritional Therapist

Nicola Moore, Nutritional Therapist, Educator & Speaker

Who’s The Expert? And Why? Sensible, safe and effective nutrition and lifestyle advice is a responsibility, and more complex than simply dishing out ‘one size fits all’ recommendation.  As such, Nicola understands the importance of working not only from the evidence base, but also within her scope of practice. She works alongside many outstanding doctors, researchers,Continue reading