Eat In Season
There are so many benefits to eating the food that nature chooses for us over the varying seasons. Seasonal food is much fresher; cheaper; ecologically kinder. Best of all, it is significantly richer in nutrients, dispensing a potent mix of timely nourishment when we most need it: cooling, hydrating foods in the summer and warming ones in the winter months to boost immunity. I cannot impress upon you enough the need to eat the freshest foods you can buy in their most natural state.

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Eat In Season Winter, Amelia Freer

#EatInSeason: Winter Inspiration

   I know winter can feel like the most challenging time for many, but there are great positives to be found in every season.  It is vital that we listen to our bodies when seasons change, as we require a different set of self-care rules to ensure that we thrive. Winter, more than any other season, is whenContinue reading

Autumn Dish Inspiration

#EatInSeason: Autumn Inspiration

The splendours of our extraordinary summer are still evident – blue skies, warm sun, beautiful sunsets – but there are clear signs that the season is on the turn. Autumn, of course, is the season of abundance and we can look forward to a wonderful harvest of fruit and vegetables that will perfectly support usContinue reading

Eat In Season: Asparagus

#EatInSeason: Asparagus

One of my favourite seasonal eating moments is the arrival of fresh British asparagus spears. I’m privileged to have it growing in my garden, so it was a really joyful moment this year when it first started to pop up – to me it means that spring is well and truly underway. Asparagus is such aContinue reading

Eat In Season: Spring

#EatInSeason: Spring Bounty

  As I write this, I can hear the birds singing their hearts out outside my window and vibrant green buds are forming in anticipation of the new season. Spring bulbs in bright yellow, purple, blue, white and pink are offering a more than welcome respite from the greys and browns of the winter months. CloseContinue reading

Eat In Season: Summer

#EatInSeason: Summer Inspiration

The second in my new #EatTheSeason series is, of course, Summer: the season of abundance – quite literally. And there is no better time of year to celebrate the rainbow of foods.This collection of new recipes is an absolute celebration of those ingredients: from a fresh and light breakfast of broad beans, feta and eggs onContinue reading

Eat In Season - Jerusalem Artichoke

#EatInSeason: Jerusalem Artichoke

Jerusalem artichokes are neither from Jerusalem, nor are they artichokes, so the name could be considered a little misleading. In fact, they come from North America, arriving in the UK in the early 17th Century. Although these little knobbly, nutty-tasting roots are delicious and full of health-giving properties, they seem to have fallen a littleContinue reading

Eat In Season: Beetroot

#EatInSeason: Beetroot

I absolutely adore the colours of a beetroot – the deepest, darkest purple, the shocking pink that it lends to soups or juices, the sunset golden yellow or even garish candy stripes of our heritage varieties. Beetroot is a truly beautiful vegetable, but perhaps has been somewhat tainted in our minds by thoughts of soggyContinue reading

Eat In Season: Apples

#EatInSeason: Apples

If there is one thing that we do exceptionally well in Britain, it’s growing apples. I love seeing a fully-laden apple tree poking out unexpectedly behind a garden fence, and feeling the excitement of that first taste of the new season varieties. They always seem so much juicier and more flavourful eaten now than theyContinue reading

Eat In Season June

#EatInSeason: Broad Beans

Broad beans (also known as fava beans in the US), especially the tiny buds of the new season, are one of my favourite signs that summer is well and truly on its way. There is nothing more enjoyable than a vibrant salad of baby broad beans and fresh leaves, drizzled with tangy olive oil andContinue reading

Eat In Season April Cauliflower

#EatInSeason: Cauliflower

A striking handful of the cauliflower’s white blooms are always a welcome sight on my plate, but it is yet another vegetable that has sadly been sullied with the often long-held memories of grey, mushy florets or bloat-inducing cauliflower cheese. I thought it was about time that we learn to fall back in love withContinue reading

#EatInSeason: Cabbage

The Not So Humble Cabbage Low in energy, high in fibre and rich in phytochemical antioxidants, minerals and vitamins, cabbage could almost sound like the latest ‘superfood’ trend! But no, this humble vegetable is generally cheap (even to buy organically), readily available throughout the colder winter months (often with just a handful of food milesContinue reading


#EatInSeason: Kale

Although once only grown as a winter feed for cattle, kale has thankfully undergone some impressive rebranding and has been propelled to the dizzy heights of ‘superfood’ for a while now, popping up in everything from green juices, smoothies, salads  . .  even puddings! But why all the fuss? What is it that makes kale suchContinue reading

Eat In Season: January

#EatInSeason: Brussels Sprouts

The Brussel Sprout The Brussel Sprout: Love it or hate it, there can be no other vegetable that divides opinion so divisively. Brussel sprouts are a member of the brassica (or cruciferous) family, alongside other green leafy vegetables like kale and spinach. For some, the sprout is an unpleasant reminiscence of soggy school dinners, but there are someContinue reading

Eat in Season - Chocolate

#EatInSeason: Chocolate

  Chocolate: The Good & The Bad Chocolate: perhaps this is rather an odd choice to star in the #EatInSeason section – worry not if you were thinking that the good ol’ Brussel sprout deserved the December spot, it has been reserved for January (Brussel sprouts are not just for Christmas!). I agree, chocolate isn’t aContinue reading

Eat In Season November

#EatInSeason: Pumpkins, Gourds & Squashes

Pumpkins, Gourds & Squashes Gourds, squashes and pumpkins are one of the world’s oldest crops and all part of the enormously diverse Cucurbit family which contains over 700 species, including cucumbers and melons! The names often get mixed up and most commonly grouped together as pumpkins. Gourds are defined as hard-shelled durable fruit grown principallyContinue reading

Eat In Season September

#EatInSeason: September

It is breathtaking this autumn in the orchard. The apple trees are like jewels, amazing and abundant with fruit; I feel so privileged to be the current custodian of such beautiful trees lovingly planted so many years ago. There is every shape, size and colour of apple here and my daily walk around the orchard is a magnificent feast for the eyes andContinue reading

Eat In Season June

#EatInSeason: June

It only seems a few weeks ago that I strolled around the garden each morning urging things to grow, show their heads, say ‘hello’ – and now I am wondering what on earth I’m going to do with all the fruit and vegetables I’m picking. In just a few short weeks, the garden has literally exploded! HandsContinue reading