I am often asked what I eat day-to-day. Like many of you, I lead a busy life and meals are often quick and simple – but always clean and bursting with nutrients and goodness. The key is to plan ahead, shop wisely and have a good stock of cupboard essentials.

My day on a Plate

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Scroll down to view a few snippets from my daily dishes . .

Broad Beans, Feta, Herbs, Egg - Amelia Freer

Egg on Toast, Broad Beans with Herbs & Feta

This dish is from my #EatInSeason: Summer Inspiration. This dish is a true celebration of summer. Super fresh, fragrant and surprisingly filling, it makes an ideal breakfast or brunch. Broad beans are from the legume family, so are a great source of vitamins and minerals, plus they pack a good protein punch. Just one cup of broad beans will giveContinue reading

Avocado, Apple & Kale Salad

Super Quick Kale, Apple & Avocado

Sometimes the quickest dishes are the best and most satisfying – if you are short on time or rushing out the door, this super quick salad packs a nutritional punch and, best of all, can be made in seconds. This salad is a typical dish for me – clean eating, bursting with nutrients and goodnessContinue reading

Green Juice on a Rainy Morning

Many of us skip breakfast using lack of time or not feeling hungry as an excuse and opting just for a coffee instead. While I don’t think everyone needs to eat breakfast, they need to have good habits and structure before they remove this meal – it’s no good skipping breakfast if you end up bingeing on sugar and carbsContinue reading