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Mama by Detox Kitchen

Mama by Detox Kitchen: Nurturing new ‘mamas’ when they need it most

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Since I announced my pregnancy earlier this year, I have been bombarded with questions from expectant and new mothers asking how they can optimally eat before, during and after pregnancy, and how best they can feed and support their babies. I am not an expert in this area (and I’ve pretty much been figuring it out during my own first pregnancy) but, given that I am in the position of a ‘soon to be mum’ in my own life, I’ve employed a great deal of time in the research of this subject, revelling in new ideas and seeking out valuable knowledge. So, with that, I was absolutely delighted to have been approached by Detox Kitchen to help create a meal delivery service called “Mama” providing nurturing and nourishing daily meals and snacks. These daily meal deliveries will help ensure that new mothers succeed in eating well during what we know to be a challenging time, physically and emotionally. Could there be a more perfect gift to support new mamas?

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And here is the press release: 

DETOX KITCHEN has announced its upcoming partnership with best-selling author and nutritional therapist, Amelia Freer to launch ‘Mama’, a new home delivery package service aimed at new mums.

Targeting women at a pivotal stage in their lives, the new ‘Mama’ package will see Detox Kitchen and Amelia Freer develop recipes around the nutrients necessary for mums who have just given birth. Specifically designed with post-natal women in mind, the “one handed” breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks & juices mean that the delicious & wholesome food can also be enjoyed whilst the baby is in hand. Filling, nutritious & hearty, the meals will help women stay confident, strong and full of energy so they can focus on their other priorities, knowing that their nutritional wellbeing (and hunger!) is taken care of.

As a mother, and mother-to-be, Lily & Amelia can both appreciate the demands placed on mums. With the launch of the new ‘Mama’ package, Detox Kitchen is hoping to help take care of one task on what can sometimes feel like a never-ending list. Whilst many mums receive conflicting information around nutrition post birth, Detox Kitchen and Amelia Freer have worked hard to put together a well-researched, nutritionally balanced package. Including plentiful sources of high-quality protein, slow-release carbohydrates and healthy fats, as well as important micronutrients to help replenish nutrient stores after pregnancy and delivery (such as iron, iodine, zinc and selenium) and a wide variety of vitamins to support metabolic function, this is a package based on scientific research rather than fad. Perhaps most importantly, however, is that ‘Mama’ food will be delicious, varied and easy to warm and eat. At a time when even managing to make some toast and tea can seem a challenge, providing new mums with all the meals and snacks they need each day is also our way of bringing a little bit of that ‘village’ of support into the modern day.

Lily Simpson, Founder of the Detox Kitchen and mum to Fin & Eva, says: “I am excited to be able to share this product with new mums. I definitely needed a little helping hand during the early days of being a new mother and having really nutritious food conveniently delivered to me meant that I could just focus on my babies and not worry about my own energy levels and general wellbeing.

For me this package is all about providing nourishment to new mums and nurturing them when they really need it. When all of their instincts kick in to support their new born and it makes me happy to know that we can act as a support for them too.” Amelia Freer, adds: “With my first baby due in September this year, I am more committed than ever to learning how food can help support a woman’s health pre, during and post pregnancy. I was thrilled when Lily approached me to collaborate with her on the launch of ‘Mama’. It has been such a lovely journey researching it and coming up with what I hope will be a really nurturing, delicious, informative and comforting support to new mamas across London”.

Launching on 18th September, the Mama’ by Detox Kitchen packages will be available for purchase. Costing starts at £39.95 per day and the packages are available for a minimum of three days. An optional add-on for dad means there’s no sharing needed!

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Breakfast: Overnight oats with lime and raspberries. Oats provide fibre and slow release carbohydrates to help set you up for the day. Raspberries provide some antioxidants.

Morning snack: The Balance Pot – Egg, avocado, spinach, pumpkin seeds and brazil nut. Providing Iodine, zinc and selenium which are important nutrients for post-natal nutrition.

Morning Juice: Cucumber, broccoli, celery, courgette, spinach and lemon juice. A vitamin and mineral rich hydrating juice.

Lunch: Quinoa, courgette, broad beans and broccoli salad with garden pesto. A balanced lunch of protein, carbohydrates and healthy fats to keep energy up all afternoon.

Afternoon snack: The Mama Flapjack – a tasty snack to satisfy sweet cravings, with added oats and nuts to minimise blood sugar fluctuations.

Dinner: Chicken, sweet potato, tomato and coconut curry with cauliflower rice – comforting dinner with protein, an abundance of slow release carbohydrates and plenty of vitamin C.

Pudding: Raw cacao and hazelnut ball –  small sweet treat with a source of fibre to help support a healthy digestive system.

Evening Drink: Blended cashew milk with cinnamon and cardamom- soothing drink before bed with protein and vitamin E.

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About Lily Simpson & Detox Kitchen

Lily Simpson founded Detox Kitchen in 2012 to demonstrate that healthy food doesn’t have to be restrictive or boring, it can be abundant, filling and completely delicious. Detox Kitchen aims to get more people eating and enjoying healthy food but most importantly wants to be a brand that people can trust. Everything Detox Kitchen serves is made by them, ingredients are sourced locally and dishes are free from wheat, dairy or refined sugar.

Celebrating 5 years of Detox Kitchen this year, the business has seen impressive growth since 2012 now with three London delis (Kingly Street, Soho and Mortimer Street, Fitzrovia & Bernard Street, Russell Square). The brand is also stocked in Selfridges. With a multitude of VIP fans including Gwyneth Paltrow and Elle Macpherson, Detox Kitchen’s hugely successful home delivery packages are renowned for their healthy and fresh approach to food. Lily has also co-authored her hugely successful first cookbook The Detox Kitchen Bible, co-written with nutritionist Rob Hobson.

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