#EatInSeason: Autumn Inspiration

The splendours of our extraordinary summer are still evident - blue skies, warm sun, beautiful sunsets - but there are clear signs that the season is on the turn. Autumn, of course, is the season of abundance and we can look forward to a wonderful harvest of fruit and vegetables that will perfectly support us through the shift in gear change. Below, you will find warming stews and perfect wholesome comfort food to enjoy as the nights draw in and the air catches a chill.

My monkfish curry and simple chicken stew are perfect sofa food, pyjamas on, something mindless on the TV and the dark evenings. And if blackberry picking is on your agenda for a weekend afternoon, then my buckwheat pancakes are a happy lazy brunch to enjoy while pottering, radio on and a steaming mug of tea in hand. If you’re more of a savoury breakfast person then my green twist on the traditional Shakshuka is another favourite that I’ll be tucking into, eeking out the end of the abundant growing season for UK green veg. Pizza is another love of mine so I had to create a great gluten free one to tuck into on a rainy evening – ideal to eat alone or shared with lots of loved ones (if you don’t need to avoid gluten then just use regular flour).

And for something a little bit more celebratory and impressive, the oyster season is just coming into its own now. I’ve suggested three ways to serve them and definitely encourage a glass of something cold and fizzy on the side along with some fantastic bread, olive oil and a pile of salad. One of the most sustainable protein sources available to us, I am a keen champion of both the environmental and nutritional qualities of oysters. Do take a look at www.theoysterlady.co.uk/ for a quick 101 if you’re interested.

I do hope you enjoy this little selection of autumn inspired dishes. Please do send in your piccies if you make them, as I love to see how my recipes translate onto your own plates.


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Oysters 3-Ways


Green Shakshuka

Green Shakshuka

Gluten Free Pizzas


Chicken & Bean Stew


Fragrant Golden Monkfish Curry & Cauliflower Rice 

Fragrant Monkfish Curry & Cauliflower Rice

Buckwheat Pancakes


Photo credit: Emma Godwin

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