Healthy Christmas Leftovers
(just as delicious pre-Christmas, too!)

smorgasbord festive

Christmas is a time for truly mindful enjoyment of the simple pleasures in life: candle light, roaring fires, shared meals with loved ones, frosty morning walks, twinkling Christmas trees, the evocative smell of mulled wine, to name a few delights. It certainly feels like we are all in need of a little escapism and extra joy this year. I adore Christmas, especially the chance to steal precious time with family and friends - most of all, I love to cook big, delicious steaming dishes to feed loved ones with, chatting and enjoying a few chilled bubbles whilst we prepare. However well I've planned ahead, they'll always be leftovers and I relish the challenge of using them in inventive and delicious ways. Very little gets thrown away in my house! With a few simple cupboard staples, it's easy to rustle up dishes with leftovers which are full of flavour and goodness.

So, here is a list of dishes I shall be cooking with my leftovers this Christmas. I do hope they inspire you a little - ingredients are certainly not set in stone, so do swap and substitute with what you have available. Many of these healthy and balanced recipes also work well as stand-alone dishes, too: if you fancy making them before the Big Day, feel free to substitute the turkey for chicken (or chicken stock). 

Breakfast is perfectly catered for with my leftover vegetable Shakshuka, colourful Vegetable Fritters with poached eggs and smoked salmon, or perhaps arrange a beautiful sharing Smörgåsbord Platter for brunch (perhaps not a true smörgåsbord, but I love the word as it sounds perfectly pitched for festive sharing). A big pile of simple salad served with a piece of delicious Turkey, Carrot & Parsnip Quiche, or perhaps some Zingy Turkey Pate (super simple to make) spooned generously in lettuce cups, with a slice or two of my fragrant Carrot & Caraway Bread makes two light-but-satisfying lunches. Then wrap your hands around a spiced Turkey Green Curry Soup for supper, ideally curled up on the sofa with an old classic film.

Wishing you all a happy, healthy Christmas and New Year. x


Green Curry Turkey Soup

Turkey Quiche

Vegetable Fritters

Zingy Turkey Pate

Gluten Free Carrot & Caraway Bread

Smorgasbord Platter

Photo credit: Candida Boddington & Emma Godwin