How To Survive Christmas With Your Health Intact

Christmas Survival Guide

“Nourish your body. Feed the soul. Indulge those you love.”

Christmas is the most challenging time of year food wise; it can be emotionally tough for many, too, which is hugely relevant when it comes to being kind to ourselves. I am a great advocate for feeding the soul with happiness and there is no better time than this to celebrate family, friendship and good spirit. I am definitely not the Christmas humbug – I think we are all entitled to ‘let our hair down’ every so often but there are simple ways to achieve it mindfully and with our health intact. I say, be wise, be careful but most of all have fun, but not at the expense of the bigger picture.

So, how can you best prepare yourselves to survive the festive season with your resolve and health intact?

And here are my Christmas survival tips:

Regularly hydrate
Sleep well – surrender to some early nights!
Nourish yourself with real, wholesome food (there’s plenty of it!)
Eat before you go out – don’t drink on an empty stomach and hydrate before you go to sleep
Be kind to yourself (you are the most important person)!
Don’t let healthy habits die – no matter what!
Don’t loose your head or carry the weight of emotional baggage that Christmas often brings
Listen intuitively to your body – it will tell you what it needs to feel optimally nourished
Throw or give away leftovers and re-gift tempting foodie presents
Use turmeric liberally in your food
Move your body – get out and about!
Take Vitamin D – get vitamin D, B12, foliate & iron levels checked and supplement accordingly
Wash your hands regularly to avoid winter germs
Enjoy it. Relax. Laugh! And also be sure to find some quiet restorative time.

. . . . then you’ll have the energy to enjoy it to the full!

Choosing to lead a healthy life is a lifetime commitment, or better still, a lifetime reward. Bad habits die hard, I know, but good habits will empower and support you in your journey to a healthier, happier life. That is gift and reward alone.


Christmas lunch itself can be quite a healthy affair, so there’s no need to miss out on the turkey and roasted veg: it’s the abundant extras, the little treats, the Baileys to finish off – these will do the damage. Substitute these for equally delicious festive (but healthy!) treats: pomegranates, nuts, tangerines kissed lightly with melted, dark chocolate. Seek out seasonal flavour and colour to touch all your senses.

I shall be posting some delicious festive recipes to my site and social media throughout the month to inspire you. These are all traditional Christmas fare but with a healthy, much tastier twist. And as I like to keep it real there will be a cocktail, too – a sumptuous spiced martini recipe – so remember to check back as the month progresses. Click here to view them.

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