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Who’s The Expert? And Why?

“Lucinda is a bubbly, positive person as well as being an incredibly well informed and skilled practitioner. She cares so deeply about children’s health and has been known to work miracles with children diagnosed with ADHD and Autism. She runs a thriving practice with other Nutritional Therapists in central London and Wiltshire. Her first book, “The Good Stuff’, is out on 13th Sept.” Amelia

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Lucinda Miller MH MRNI MGNI

Naturopath, Biomedical Specialist, Iridologist & Herbalist
Specialises in children’s health

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Where do you practice?

I run NatureDoc clinics in Sloane Square, London and Stockbridge, Hampshire. We also offer appointments via Skype.

Where did you train & what are your qualifications?

I trained at the Holistic Health College in London and Functional Medicine University in the U.S. I therefore have diplomas in naturopathic iridology, functional medicine and I am also a master herbalist.

What inspired you to work in nutrition?

We had allergies and diabetes in the family, so from an early age, I was very aware of the close connection between diet and health. Then in my early twenties, my own health took a turn for the worse. When I made some nutritional changes, I was back to my old self in only 10 days, and from there on I was totally hooked!

What area of nutrition do you specialise in?

I specialise in children’s health and it is the most rewarding work in the world. I am passionate about helping the next generation grow up with great health, confidence and happiness. I love to see the kids blossom into the best version of themselves.

What are the key problems that clients come to see you with?

I mainly support children with learning, behavioural, mental health and developmental challenges such as Autism, ADHD, Anxiety, Dyslexia and Dyspraxia, as they often have very specific nutritional needs. I also see kids who are fussy eaters and those that have problems with digestion, poor immunity, and chronic skin conditions.

What has been your most memorable client success story?

There have been so many over the last 21 years, but one that particularly comes to mind is a young boy called Daniel who presented with significant challenges associated with Autism. With an amazing diet and a few important targeted food supplements, he has now become a great conversationalist, with a lovely sense of humour. He is at mainstream school and doing brilliantly academically. He also has lots of friends and he is totally hooked on cricket and skate boarding. No one would ever know that he is the same boy that I met at the start!

What would you say are the three biggest challenges faced by clients in your area of specialty?

Fussy eating, terrible sleep and poor gut health are the three biggest challenges for the children I see in my clinics. If we get these right, then very often then the rest of their difficulties melt away.

Nature Doc

How do you help clients to tackle those challenges?

I start by investigating the root cause of these challenges because when a child is suffering, I don’t believe you can dismiss them as a normal part of growing up. Firstly, we organise laboratory testing to establish scientific proof of what is going on inside. Behavioural issues can be due to poor nutrition in some kids, but with others, it’s more to do with the way they absorb nutrients. So I make a plan which incorporates a tailored nourishing diet and very specific food supplements. And a huge part of it is helping stressed parents to break the cycle with their kids.

Please describe an average working day in your life.

My clinic days are extremely busy and varied. In one consultation we can be talking about the perils of sugar and the next about complex genetic issues and their impact on the child’s nutritional needs. As you can imagine the clinic is pretty loud with kids’ noise and their toys!

If you could give one piece of advice to everyone reading this interview, what would it be?

If you are worried about your child in any way, and they are showing any signs of being out-of-sync then nutrition may well make a big difference. Please do get them checked out by a qualified functional medicine practitioner, very often some small changes can have a big impact.

What is your favourite meal?

Family weekend suppers with my brood are just my favourite. We lived in South India for a while, so my top pick would be a warming bowl of prawn curry with coconut milk, lots of delicious vegetables, and a bit of extra chili on the side.

How do you manage your work:life balance?

I am very lucky because my kids are healthy, happy and well and this means I can reliably work when they are at school, and then switch into being mummy the rest of the time. As they are getting older I am finding more time for my busy clinic, but I would still love a few more hours in the day!

I am a big fan of outdoor exercise and this also keeps me sane. You can often find me walking our spaniel or running on Salisbury Plain, and this is what balances me.

Is there anything else that you think might be interesting for people to know about you or for anyone considering working with you?

We are now a team of three Naturopaths/Nutritional Therapists at NatureDoc who all specialise in paediatric health. We also have strong links with psychiatrists, cranial osteopaths, occupational therapists and speech and language therapists, so we can help your child from a very holistic and broad perspective.

We are very soon to be launching our new web shop (so check back soon): the one-stop shop for the best of the best childrens’ health products for all ages from babies to teenagers. We will stock food supplements, super foods, healthy snacks, kid-friendly organic skin and haircare and lots of other goodies.

Please also look out for my first kids’ nutrition health bible, “The Good Stuff”  – out on 13th September:

The Good Stuff, Lucinda Millerr

Lucinda Miller MH MRNI MGNI T: 020 3397 1824 E:

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