November’s book: Natural Beauty by Karen Gilbert

Natural Beauty by Karen Gilbert

Throughout my recent pregnancy, I found myself being particularly conscious of what products were on my bathrooms shelves – as I knew they weren’t only affecting me, but could be reaching my little one too. And so in a burst of nesting energy, I found myself wanting to ‘cook’ up some natural cosmetics for myself. Natural Beauty by Karen Gilbert turned out to be the perfect guide.

Having worked at Neal’s Yard Remedies for many years, Karen certainly knows a thing or two about natural beauty. This book contains 35 lovely, step-by-step recipes, many of which are all surprisingly easy (especially as almost all the ingredients are just a click away on Amazon). As Karen says, ‘if you can make a sauce, you can make a lotion’. But it is also a whole lot of fun, and would be a lovely activity to do with children too. Or perhaps with December just around the corner, why not have a go at a couple of the recipes in this book and get a heap of your Christmas presents sorted in one go? Natural Beauty is certainly a lovely book, but I would say particularly recommended for those who already enjoy experimenting in the kitchen or who are mindful of the ingredients in their cosmetics.



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