October’s book: The Sleep Book by Guy Meadows

The Sleep Book, By Dr Guy Meadows

Getting enough restorative sleep is incredibly important to our overall health and wellbeing (not to mention positively affecting our food choices). For some people, however, chronic insomnia can make this feel very difficult to achieve.

The Sleep Book, written by Dr Guy Meadows (founder of the successful Sleep School in London) offers a radical, but very effective new approach to curing sleep disorders. It is focused on the concept of Acceptance and Commitment therapy; in other words, stopping the struggle against sleeplessness and simply accepting things as they are. Whilst this might sound counterintuitive, finally letting go of the fight can itself lead to resolution of poor sleep. This book gently guides you through that process over a 5-week period, and is written in a really supportive and understanding manner. It is worth a read for anyone who would like to have more settled sleep at night, but particularly for those who feel like they have already tried everything – perhaps this could be the effortless answer you were looking for.