Botanic-Lab SHINE

It is with huge excitement that I can finally announce the launch of Shine, my first cold pressed tonic developed in collaboration with the leading innovator of potent, organic tonics, Botanic Lab.

Botanic Lab and Amelia Freer present Shine: the first organic, cold-pressed restorative with hydrolysed collagen

This drink is special. As you have come to expect from Botanic Lab we operate at the cutting edge of our industry.

Along with a foundation of uncompromising quality we strive to bring to you drinks that challenge the norm and disrupt the thinking of the moment. We do this because we can, but also because we want to create next generation highly functional drinks, rather than ride a trendy wave. If we were going to collaborate with anyone they had to be special.

Cue Amelia Freer. In an industry awash with bloggers and ‘experts’ all peddling their own version of avocado on toast, Amelia is a qualified nutritional therapist with an accessible and informed approach to nutrition. She’s real, and we love her for it. And the feeling is mutual. Botanic Lab has long been Amelia’s ‘go to juice brand of choice’ with Christophe (Botanic Lab co-founder) and Amelia being long-standing food confidants.

Shine is a complex, restorative formula that nourishes from within; replenishing the building blocks an active body needs to heal. Forget your current image of cold-pressed juice as a limp green concoction that requires a nose peg and a cast iron will to swallow. Shine is floral and fruity, with woody undertones and a hint of spice. It owes this flavour to the hero schisandra berry, a staple of Chinese medicine and beauty ritual for millennia. Its complex flavour is a challenge to work with for even the most accomplished hand, but the results are worthwhile. There is no flavour quite like it.

But we haven’t stopped there. Shine is the first ever cold-pressed juice to contain hydrolysed collagen. Hydrolysed collagen has been broken down to aid effective uptake, and is used by nutritionists for both its anti-inflammatory properties and the essential amino acids it provides, furnishing components of the body’s own collagen production. Reinforcing the low glycaemic effect of raw cane grass, collagen’s also great for balancing blood sugar – slowing the release of sugar into the bloodstream, which in turn tempers our insulin response.

In a world obsessed with the selfie we think beauty is about looking after yourself on the inside and striving to be your very own unique self, rather than following the crowd.
SHINE Botanic LabShine is available to buy online (in boxes of 8, 14 or 20) or at selected Botanic Lab stockists.

SHINE: A complex restorative with hydrolysed collagen, cold-pressed cane grass and potent schisandra berry. Floral, spicy and fragrantly woody, with natural vitamin C from grapefruit, lime and a hit of fresh ginger. Inner radiance from the leading innovator of potent, organic tonics.

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