Summerhill & Bishop Event: Jan/Feb 2016

Summerhill & Bishop School

I have long been a fan of the beautiful Summerill & Bishop shop in my lovely Notting Hill neighbourhood. Walking into the shop is like walking into a magnificent dream of long lazy lunches with the most wonderful food, wonderful company and exquisitely set tables! All things that I truly love! I often go into the shop just to fantasize and can spend a good half an hour looking at all of their produce and, yes, I do save up my pennies to purchase some of their products which have become much loved pieces in my entertaining repertoire.

So when I was last in the shop (they know me well!), they told me about their new school next door. Naturally I needed to know more, so went and pressed my face up against the window and out popped the charming head chef Marcello de Campos who invited me in to show me around and introduce me to the team. Then the scheming started. It was Seb Bishop, son of co-founder, Bernadette Bishop and ex CEO of Gwyneth Patron’s lifestyle site, who told me that his idea for the school was based on his experience growing up with a mother who always knew how to entertain so effortlessly yet magically – guests left remembering the experience, not necessarily what food was served, just the feeling that she managed to create and that was his inspiration for the school. Everything from how to cook with seasonal ingredients (Marcello’s specialty); flower arranging; table setting; and so much more. Naturally I wanted to make this school my second home – a place for me to teach about grace around food, the importance of nourishment and eating the rainbow, the art of feeding your gut and how to eat to glow.

So I’m thrilled to say that I’m moving in – albeit only temporarily (for now!). In January and February 2016, I’ll be in residence for some really intimate nutritional evenings – places are limited, so do book early:

Wednesday 20th January, 19.00 – 20.30
Wednesday 10th February, 19.00 – 20.30
Wednesday 24th February, 19.00 – 20.30


Visit: Summerill & Bishop School

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