A little disclaimer here: These articles are quite challenging to write, as there is often incomplete evidence in the scientific literature, and a lot of conflicting views (not to mention that as research moves on, those views may well change). But I think it is still important to put in the effort to write about these topics. Because I passionately believe that with knowledge comes power – the power to reject persuasive marketing, the power to critique misleading information, and most importantly, the power to make informed choices for ourselves and our family’s health. I hope you find them helpful. Amelia x

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The pitfalls of over exercise

Spotlight on Exercise, Part 2: The potential pitfalls of over-exercise

If you are suffering from any condition that may affect your ability to safely exercise, do seek the advice of your GP before attempting any of the advice discussed. As always, what is written here is no substitute for individual medical, fitness or lifestyle advice. It is common for practitioners to skirt around the trickyContinue reading

Spotlight on Exercise, Part 1: The benefits of movement

I am not a fitness professional. However, I do understand the importance of movement for a healthy mind and body. This 3-part series has been written in collaboration with Richard Hannam, an experienced health and wellbeing physiologist and personal trainer, who has kindly shared his wealth of expertise and knowledge throughout this feature. If youContinue reading

Alcohol: How much is too much

Alcohol: How much is too much?

Summer definitely brings on celebrations that are steeped in traditions of alcohol: we are mid Pimms season, the rosé is flowing, and weddings mean champagne corks are popping by the week. I really do love and enjoy wine (although not at the moment as I am pregnant!), but I’m so often asked for guidance about how muchContinue reading

Oily Fish

Oily Fish

Disclaimer: Please discuss this topic with your doctor or nutrition professional (visit my FAQ page for info) if you are interested in finding more information, or considering taking supplements. There are certain instances where increasing your intake of omega-3 fats is not advisable. As with all articles on ameliafreer.com, this is no substitution for individual medicalContinue reading

Detox: Fact or Fiction?

Detox: Fact or Fiction?

You’re probably getting quite fed-up by the bombardment of articles suggesting you ‘detox’: all those pieces that instruct you to drink only green juice for three days; give up all manner of supposedly ‘toxic’ foods; perform elaborate bath-time rituals to ‘draw the toxins out’; or more worrying, encourage the unlicensed use of laxatives or diuretics.1 Nowadays, there are evenContinue reading

Gut Health

Gut Health, Part 3: How to nourish your gut

For background info, please refer to Gut Health, Part 1: Why we should focus on the health of our gut this January and NOT our weight, and Gut Health, Part 2: Probiotics and Prebiotics. The suggestions below are not intended to replace any medical or nutritional opinion. Simple…. …or not! I do always encourage that you work with a qualified professionalContinue reading

Gut Health Part 2

Gut Health, Part 2: Probiotics and Prebiotics in gut health

For background info, please refer to Gut Health, Part 1: Why we should focus on the health of our gut this January and NOT our weight. Also, see Gut Health, Part 3: How to nourish your gut. In the second part of this gut health series, we are going to look at the role ofContinue reading

Gut Health

Gut Health, Part 1: Why we should focus on the health of our gut this January and NOT our weight

Please  also refer to Gut Health, Part 2: Probiotics and Prebiotics & Gut Health, Part 3: How to nourish your gut This topic is a real interest of mine. I often see clients who are struggling with all sorts of problems – ranging from skin disorders to obesity – which may stem from poor gut health, yet theyContinue reading

Nuts and seeds

Understanding the ‘Fat Debate’

You may have read in the media or heard on the news that a new report published by the National Obesity Forum in association with Public Health Collaboration has been published. It states, rather topically, that low-fat foods have had ‘disastrous health consequences’ and the public health guidelines on consuming a low-fat, high carbohydrate diet should be reversed. ThisContinue reading

Let's Talk About Milk

Let’s Talk About Milk

I don’t know about you, but I was brought up to believe wholeheartedly that milk (by which I mean cow, sheep or goat’s milk) is good for us, indeed, that we need milk in our diet for optimal health. We are told that it will help us grow, strengthen our bones, prevent fractures, and provide usefulContinue reading