How To Make Healthy Food Taste Amazing


April 2021

So much of the enjoyment of food comes from flavour. But a common complaint I hear from clients is that their food tastes bland, especially when they are just starting out with healthy eating. While I know that this absolutely doesn’t have to be the case – healthy food can (and I’d suggest should) taste incredible – it can nonetheless happen if we don’t focus on perhaps one of the most important aspects of healthy cooking: Adding a pop of flavour.

To help you get started (or indeed, to offer a few new ideas), I have put together a load of flavour combinations that I recommend to my clients and use myself when cooking. With just a few quick and simple additions of herbs, spices, vegetables and a few other ingredients, we can quickly bring a nutritious meal to joyful life. Think of this as your quick reference guide. Perhaps print it out and stick it on your fridge or on the back of your kitchen cupboard doors.

Quick & Healthy Marinades

Click here for printable download of Quick & Healthy Marinades