June 2021

Here are 9 discoveries from the world of nutrition and wellbeing that my team and I have found, which we think you’ll be interested in hearing about too. Some of the brands have kindly offered a discount to help you discover the products for yourselves, so do take a look at the exclusive offers below.

If you ever stumble across something that you think we might all enjoy, please do drop us a tip-off email hello@ameliafreer.com and we will definitely take a look. Thank you!

1. Supplement | SEED

I am very impressed with this daily symbiotic (combined probiotic & prebiotic supplement), delivered in highly sustainable and considered packaged. SEED is backed by a scientific advisory board that boasts over 2800 publications, and over 140,000 citations in peer-reviewed journals and textbooks between them, and their strains have been studied in 16 double-blind randomised controlled studies, and 13 mechanistic studies. Now this is the degree of academic scrutiny I believe all nutritional supplements, particularly probiotics, deserve. While science is evolving all the time, and we certainly need more research in this field to ensure efficacy, precision and safety when it comes to manipulating the microbiome, I shall certainly be watching SEED progress with interest.

Learn more here.

Seed have kindly offered my followers a 15% discount so use code AMELIA15 at checkout.

2. Organic fruit & vegetable delivery | Pikt

I was delighted to try out a big box of Pikt organic fruit and vegetables recently (which went down a storm in my household). Pikt are aiming to make high-quality, organic, fresh fruit and vegetables affordable to the majority, not the minority, and a big plus is that you can build your own box (so you get a choice about what is delivered). They are 100% plastic-free, everything they sell is soil association certified and are a registered B-Corp (and are also committed to being net zero by 2030). They do a 60-portion seasonal mixed fruit, veg and salad box for £30. I’m impressed! Do take a look.

Order here

Pikt have kindly offered my followers a 20% discount on their first box so use code AF20 at checkout. Valid until 31st July.

3. Plant-based milk alternative | Sproud

Sproud is on a mission to make the world’s best tasting, most sustainable and nutritious plant-based milk alternatives. Made with yellow split-peas, and developed in Sweden, it has a neutral taste and creamy texture (frothing well if that’s your thing). Both my partner and Willow have also been drinking it happily.  It is fortified with vitamins A, B2, B12 and D, and is packaged in renewable and recyclable materials.

Stocked in Waitrose, Ocado and Amazon, as well as various independent shops, cafes and restaurants.

Buy here.

4. TV programme | Waffles + Mochi

If you’ve got little ones and are interested in helping them to learn more about food, healthy eating and culture, I would recommend taking a look at Waffles + Mochi, a series on Netflix produced by Michelle Obama, and guest starring some brilliant chefs, growers and creatives. I’ve been really enjoying watching them with Willow (even if the episodes are a bit US-centric, I think they still offer a lot for young UK audience). Do take a look. Probably best suited to pre-school and young primary age children.

Watch now on Netflix.

5. Lightly alcoholic drinks | Percival & Co.

If you’re gearing yourself up for some socialising over the next few weeks, then take a look at this brand of lightly alcoholic drinks from Percival and Co. Their botanical infusions are lower in sugar, alcohol and additives than many other options on the market, at roughly 4% ABV. I also think they’d make a lovely gift for anyone hosting over the summer. Plus, every bottle purchased also contributes to supporting the regeneration of our country’s hedgerows. Buy online, or shop through Ocado, Amazon or Selfridges.

Percival and Co are kindly offering a 15% discount using this code PERCIVALAF15.

Buy here.

6. Recipe binder | Fraser and Parsley

I love to tear out and keep recipes from magazines and newspapers, squirrel away jotted-down ideas and save generously shared instructions from friends. These all need some sort of home to live in, and ideally one that means that I can actually find that recipe again! I think this new grey recipe binder from the lovely ladies at Fraser & Parsley is pretty perfect (and wouldn’t half make a gorgeous gift). P.s. their diaries are brilliant too, as are their bespoke kitchen and egg box stamps.

Buy here.

7. Book | I Can’t Believe It’s Baby Food – Lucinda Miller

With over 20 years’ experience specialising in children’s nutrition, Lucinda Miller really is a fountain of knowledge when it comes to all things babies, weaning, children (and beyond). Her latest book is a genuinely brilliant idea, containing over 120 easy, healthy recipes that are suitable for weaning babies from 6 months – but which can then be adapted to suit the whole of the rest of the family. Buy this if you’ve got a baby or toddler at home, or if you know someone who does.

Buy it from Waterstones and Amazon.

8. Website | Seasonal Fruit & Vegetables in Europe from EUFIC 

This brilliant new tool from EUFIC, the European Food Information Council, is a website that allows you to search for the fruits and vegetables that are in season in your area of Europe on a seasonal or monthly basis across the year. It’s definitely worth having a play with.

Access the online tool here.

9. Bread | Superloaf from Modern Baker

I was sent a press sample of this bread recently, and I have to say I was really impressed. 5 years in the making, it is produced from 16 recognisable plant ingredients (with no added emulsifiers, processing aids or artificial preservatives) and most importantly, tastes really good.  It also freezes brilliantly, perfect to toast from frozen in the morning with a poached egg, or some nut butter and squished blueberries, for a quick and nourishing breakfast.

With a hefty 3.8g protein (approximately the same as half an egg), alongside 13% of your daily fibre intake per slice, it is also a good source of selenium and folate. A big thumbs up from me.

P.s., They also have a lovely cookbook if you want to try their traditional and sourdough baking at home.

Buy here [via Amazon Fresh].

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