Here is a list of my Top 10 go-to products  . . .  etc etc

To be finished with images etc .. and linked to amazon shop.

  1. Vitamix (the new small one, like a nutri bullet – not in the shop yet but want to add it) It blends, mixes and heats in minutes if you want it to plus its conveniently small
  2. Hand held blender Something I use daily for blending soups or making pesto
  3. Lemon Sqeezer The easiest way to squeeze a lemon without the pips
  4. Glass Tuppaware safer to use than plastic and they are oven proof too
  5. Arthred Collagen Powder helps to support collagen levels in the body for joint support and glowing skin
  6. Coconut Aminos adds a healthy burst of flavour to any dish – use as a soya sauce replacement
  7. Symprove (probiotic liquid) my favourite probiotic to support digestive health
  8. Coconut Oil my favourte fat to cook with
  9. EFA Sirt Supreme (omega supplement) Essential Fatty Acids for healthy cells
  10. Spiralizer For the best spaghetti ever!