Who's the expert?

I am so often asked to recommend wellness professionals (in fact, I can’t keep up with the number of requests!). I hesitate to give direct advice, as finding the right practitioner to suit your needs is a supremely personal experience. There are many whom I greatly admire: those I have had the privilege to work closely with; been treated myself by; and those I follow closely for their professionalism and consistently excellent results to aid my own professional development & personal growth.

I am delighted to be able to share the lives and work of a few of these remarkable practitioners. If you are keen to work with a Nutritional Therapist in your area, please go to my FAQs page for more info. 

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Nicola Moore, Nutritional Therapist

Nicola Moore, Nutritional Therapist, Educator & Speaker

Who’s The Expert? And Why? Sensible, safe and effective nutrition and lifestyle advice is a responsibility, and more complex than simply dishing out ‘one size fits all’ recommendation.  As such, Nicola understands the importance of working not only from the evidence base, but also within her scope of practice. She works alongside many outstanding doctors, researchers,Continue reading

Dr Rosamund Yoxall

Dr Rosamund Yoxall BMBS BSc, Nutrition & Functional Medicine Specialist

Who’s The Expert? And Why? “Dr Rosamund Yoxall has been my co-pilot for the last couple of years and I feel remarkably privileged to have her on board. Rosamund brings a wealth of experience from her time practising as a doctor and from her extensive training in nutrition and functional medicine. She not only assists withContinue reading

Kate Garden

Kate Garden, Functional Medicine Practitioner & Registered Nutritional Therapist

Who’s The Expert? And Why? “There are so many great Nutritional Therapists out there who are committed to studying the complex science in order to help people to facilitate their best health. Unfortunately, Nutritional Therapy isn’t a regulated title; this means that the industry becomes tarnished by many poorly qualified people giving out of date and non evidence based adviceContinue reading

Dawn Waldron

Dawn Waldron, Nutritional Therapist & Life Coach (special interest: breast cancer)

  Who’s The Expert? And Why? “I don’t know Dawn personally but when I read about her work and her experience with breast cancer, I knew that I wanted to share her work with you all as I am often asked for referrals to nutritional therapists specialising in breast cancer. I think that Dawn isContinue reading

Angela Heap, Fertility Nutriton

Angela Heap, Fertility Nutrition

Who’s The Expert? And Why? “Angela is a specialist in fertility nutrition and has tirelessly studied the complexities of conception, pregnancy, miscarriage and our genes. She has been personally helping me with my own fertility battles and is kind, caring, supportive and extremely knowledgeable. I recommend her to anyone who is wishing to get pregnantContinue reading

Jeanette Hyde

Jeannette Hyde, Nutritional Therapist & Author

Who’s The Expert? And Why? “I don’t know Jeannette personally; we met briefly at a lecture once when she kindly gave me a copy of her book The Gut Makeover (see info below) which is excellent. Because I believe that gut health is fundamental to so many of us, I wanted to include Jeannette inContinue reading

Why London? Why NYC? These are two places where there is a concentration of English speaking people who are open and curious and in need of tools to get rid of stress, sleep better and have more energy. These are two very demanding environments to live in and it’s so easy to get out of whack when you live in these places.

Jillian Lavender, London Meditation Centre

Who’s The Expert? And Why? “I was fortunate enough to be introduced to Jillian by a friend who knew that I was looking for better ways to manage stress and anxiety. I did a one week one-to-one course with Jillian and have never looked back! She is an excellent, empathetic and discerning teacher, who helpedContinue reading

Tanya Borowski

Tanya Borowski, Functional Nutritional Therapist

Who’s The Expert? And Why? “I have known and worked with Tanya for several years. She has been my lecture buddy and has become a good friend. I have watched her work and work tirelessly, never stopping until she has fully grasped the science, the concept or the facts, to better help her clients. IContinue reading

Lucinda Miller, Naturopath

Who’s The Expert? And Why? “Lucinda is a bubbly, positive person as well as being an incredibly well informed and skilled practitioner. She cares so deeply about children’s health and has been known to work miracles with children diagnosed with ADHD and Autism. She runs a thriving practice with other Nutritional Therapists in central LondonContinue reading