FAQs from Nourish & Glow:
The 10-Day Plan

Print Friendly Copy of the Nutritional Pyramid

Many of you have requested a printable version of The Positive Nutrition Pyramid from Nourish & Glow: The 10 Day Plan.

For more detailed info, see my article about the pyramid here. 

I’m open and happy to respond to any queries you may have with regard to implementing the pyramid into your daily lives, so please do comment on my social media channels for the quickest response.

There are two print versions below – practical (rather than pretty), easy to print sheets that will be kind to your ink reserves! Please note that these are merely simple printouts to support those that have already purchased the book (for book info and quick buy links, click here).

1) PDF A4 single sheet (500kb)
2) PDF 4 to an A4 sheet (900kb)

General Queries

I don’t eat nuts/coconut/seeds/pulses/grains – what are the alternatives?

One of the things I hope that this book does, is to empower you to find your own solutions to these dietary challenges. I know that there are many people, for various reason, that are unable to consume certain ingredients. So try to be creative, and don’t worry about not following the plan ‘to the letter’ – it is absolutely fine if you need to adapt the plan to suit your body. You never know, your adaptations might even improve the recipes!

Here are a few swap ideas to help get you started:

Can’t eat… Try instead…
Certain nuts Other nuts or seeds (or don’t use them at all)
Chickpeas Other pulses / beans
Grains More starchy vegetables / peas
Coconut oil Olive oil
Specific vegetables Substitute with other vegetables
Eggs Try the vegan recipes


How do I make this work for a family?

Many of the recipes in the 10-day plan are suitable for family cooking. However, if you are cooking for children, they will need a few adaptations over the course of the whole plan (such as continuing to consume dairy or calcium-fortified milks, and getting plenty of starchy carbohydrates for energy). There is more detailed information about this in Chapter 5 of the book.

Is the shopping list for one person?

Yes it is.

Are all the ingredients available in a supermarket?

Yes, most of the chains have all the ingredients although not all stock gluten-free oats, chia seeds, coconut yoghurt, almond butter, raw cacao powder, coconut oil or aminos. These ingredients are readily available in health food shops or online stores.

Is the shopping list complete?

No, unfortunately there are a few items missing from both lists, so please double check the recipes before you shop. It is more of a general guide.

How much is the total cost of the food shopping for 1 person for 10 days?

Approximately £100, although it might be slightly more or slightly less depending on where you are shopping. If you can find a local greengrocer, this can help considerably with the costs, as you can buy exactly what you need without any leftovers.

Can I follow the plan if I am vegetarian or vegan?

Yes, many of the recipes on the plan are already vegetarian and there are vegan alternatives for every recipe.

Which of your three books is the best book for me?

All of the books are very different:

  • Eat. Nourish. Glow. is a theory book which introduces the concepts of healthy eating and contains a few recipes. It’s a great place to get started if you’re new to healthy eating.
  • Cook. Nourish. Glow. is a recipe book containing 120 tasty, healthy recipes, so it’s ideal for those who would mostly like a little more inspiration in the kitchen.
  • Nourish & Glow: The 10-day Plan is more of a comprehensive guidebook: it dives deep into understanding how our thoughts affect our eating; the impact that the people around us may have on our food choices; the principles of balanced nutrition; and common pitfalls to maintaining healthy eating in the long term. This all culminates in the meal plan, where you get to really feel what it’s like to plan, shop, cook and eat well for 10 days (although it can also be used as a bank of new recipes to dip in and out of if you don’t fancy the idea of sticking to the meal plan).

Can I drink coffee, tea and/or alcohol during the plan?

Ideally, I would suggest that you try to limit coffee to 1-2 cups per day and tea to 3-4 cups each day (without sugar or dairy milk), and try not to drink alcohol at all during those 10 days. However, this is your plan, so do what feels right.