Kitchen Garden Notes

Kitchen Garden - Summer

Kitchen Garden: Summer

Spring came and went so quickly (where does time fly?) and here we are, I feel rather abruptly, in the height of summer. As you know, I relished the asparagus and rhubarb earlier in the year (the first produce to harvest) and then, almost overnight – I swear if you stayed long enough you’d see it grow with yourContinue reading

Veg roots

April: Planning, Planting & First Crops

Our wonderful gardener, Andy, has cleared and prepared all of the beds ready for planting – planned for this week (and the weather is being relatively kind, so we are on track). In order to keep the soil well nourished and healthy, it’s important to partake in a little crop rotation each year, so we’ve planned the bedsContinue reading

Carrots and rhubarb

Introducing My Kitchen Garden

Those of you who follow my social media posts will have noticed that last summer I was especially snap-happy with piccies from my new vegetable garden and that I am a constant devotee of the hash-tags #eatinseason and #eattherainbow. I’m sure you’ll agree there is little greater reward than planting, nurturing and harvesting your very own home-grown produce. With myContinue reading