Industry & Corporate

Collaborations / Brand Support

I welcome dialogue with companies and brands regarding collaborations or brand ambassador/influencer support. I have worked with leading household brands, including Waitrose, Sainsbury’s, Kenwood, The White Company, The Telegraph, The Daily Mail, Clipper Teas and Lime Wood Hotel & Spa but I welcome opportunities from companies large or small. Please send an email to in the first instance.

Concept menu creation

I am also often approached by brands who want help designing concept menus for their special occasion (including catering notes and recipes if necessary). This is something I particularly enjoy doing and have worked with many wonderful brands, including Marks and Spencer’s, Nike, Elemis and many others. Do get in touch if you have an upcoming event and would like help designing your catering plans. Please send an email to

Brand & Product Consultancy

I welcome hearing from brands who are designing or considering launching new products into the health / wellbeing space, who would like one-off or ongoing consultancy services to advise on product formulation, messaging, positioning and marketing. This service is entirely separate to personal or brand endorsement, and would be on a private and confidential basis. Please email with details of your requirements.

Bespoke Content

My team and I love to create engaging, beautiful, science-led content around health, nutrition, lifestyle and wellbeing. From carefully tested and professionally-photographed recipes, to fully researched articles and blog posts, we would be delighted to hear from brands who would like to collaborate on sponsored content to share either on our own platforms, or your channels. We particularly love to create nutritious and nourishing recipes using specific ingredients or equipment, and can provide anything from one-off meal ideas to complete recipe e-books. Please contact in the first instance.


Talk with me

I love nothing more than talking to a room full of people about nutrition and health as I am so passionate about it. I don’t wish to do formal overhead projector talks, but I can prepare relaxed and friendly presentations on a wide variety of nutritional topics, with plenty of time for Q & As. Nutrition is a complex subject and there is much confusion, controversy and a lot of unnecessary anxiety surrounding it. I enjoy helping audiences to cut through this noise and instead, start to discover a sensible and sustainable nutritional road map to live by.

I am a regular speaker on the well-being event circuit, including Stella Live, Balance Festival and GLAMOUR Beauty Festival.

Presentation fees vary depending on travel, number of attendees and length of the presentation, so please email my assistant with the details of your proposed event so that we can work on finding the best option for you. A venue can sometimes be provided at an extra cost.