Avocado, Broad Bean & Radish Seed on Toast
Avocado, Broad Bean & Radish Seed on Toast

Avocado, Broad Bean &
Radish Seed on Toast

also good as a salad


This is quick to put together and brilliantly filling and colourful. Broad beans contain plant-based protein, fibre, and lots of other essential nutrients (so I will often buy them frozen when not in season). The avocados give a wonderful creamy contrast and contain healthy fats, and additional fibre to support our digestion.

Seeds sprouts are a lovely addition if you can find them, but you could leave them out or just add some chopped fresh herbs instead. To make a more substantial meal, try topping with flaked or smoked salmon, crab, leftover roast chicken or feta. It also makes a tasty salad if you substitute the toast for a handful of leaves.

per person


1-2 slices good quality bread (I use Biona Millet Bread , but a good sourdough or 100% rye would work well too)
80g frozen peas
80g fresh or frozen broad beans
2-3 leaves fresh mint (or ½ tsp dried mint)
1 spring onion – chopped
1 small handful radish seed sprouts


Steam the broad beans and peas until thawed and bright green. If I am feeling methodical, I further pod the broad beans by popping them out of their grey-green casings (but if they are small enough, I don’t bother).

Mix the beans and peas with the chopped spring onion, add a generous sprinkle of sea salt and black pepper and drizzle with extra virgin olive oil.

Toast the bread well

Pile the bean and pea mix onto the toast, sprinkle with the radish seed sprouts and enjoy.

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