Beetroot & Ginger


Beetroot and ginger are a very good combination and blended together in a smoothie provide quite a powerful and beneficial tonic. Beetroot have lots of vitamins and minerals and are suggested to have blood pressure lowering effects. Ginger has been suggested to aid digestion, reduce nausea and help fight the flu and common cold. I add some nut milk as a source of protein to help to stabilise blood sugar levels, but you could use regular milk for this.

Beetroot are available from July through to November, so we have a good long few months to enjoy them.

serves 1


½ a medium raw beetroot, scrubbed not peeled
½ an apple, cored
½ a medium carrot, scrubbed not peeled
1cm piece (5g) ginger
150-200ml milk of choice – I like this with almond
handful of ice to serve, optional


Roughly cut vegetables and blend all the ingredients until smooth.

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