Heritage Tomato Salad

To make this salad as delicious as it can possibly be, it’s important to use the ripest tomatoes you can find. These have the most flavour and the best texture. If buying from a supermarket, buy them on the vine and leave them to really ripen in a bowl by a window if possible for a couple of days. Tomatoes increase our natural melanin production – which helps protect our skin in the summer months. The eggs provide some protein making this dish a complete meal but it is also great as a side dish for BBQ’s or picnics.


800g Heritage tomatoes
2 eggs
3 small round shallots, thinly sliced into circles
2 tbsp Capers
Extra virgin Olive oil
Salt and black pepper
Fresh herbs of choice, roughly chopped (optional)


Hard boil eggs (7-8 mins), run under cold water, peel and half.

Slice the tomatoes and lay on a large platter, scatter with the onions and capers then drizzle with the best olive oil. Push the eggs through a fine sieve and sprinkle on top.



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