Winter Buddha Bowl

this bowl packs a punch

Winter Buddha Bowl by Amelia Freer
Photo by Simon Reed


Buddha bowls are a really simple way to prepare a meal that is balanced, vibrant, healthy and diverse with plenty of colourful seasonal vegetables, a portion of protein, nuts, seeds, some healthy fats in a dressing and the option of complex carbs in whole grains.

It’s a great meal when using my Positive Nutrition Pyramid as it helps to tick of many of the essential food groups that we need to consume every day for optimal health. I invite you to play with the ingredients that are around and in season. Here is my winter favourite.

per bowl

Winter Buddha Bowl by Amelia Freer
Photo by Simon Reed
Winter Buddha Bowl by Amelia Freer
Photo by Simon Reed

100g cooked beluga lentils
2 medium carrots, cut into bite size chunk
2 medium parsnips, cut into bite sized chunk
6 cherry tomato
one large handful of chopped kale (I like to blanch mine in boiling water for a minute or bake it in the oven with olive oil, salt & pepper if I have time)
¼ small red cabbage, thinly sliced
¼ avocado, sliced
½ and orange
1 tbsp toasted sesame seeds

I also used beetroot hummus from my book, Nourish & Glow: The 10 day plan
or a good store bought regular hummus


Heat the oven to 220/200fan/gas 7 and line a baking tray with baking paper. Toss the carrot and parsnip in a little olive oil and roast for 20 minutes, add the tomatoes to the tray and roast for another 5 or 6 minutes. Steam your kale or other green for 5-10 minutes until cooked. 

If you need to cook your beluga lentils, follow the packet instructions, usually bring the water to boil in a medium saucepan add the lentils and cook uncovered for 20 minutes, or until “al dente” but cooked through. Place in a colander, rinse thoroughly and drain well.

Now you can assemble your bowl –  place all the ingredients in and top with few dollops of hummus in the middle, sprinkle with the sesame seeds and enjoy.

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