Spinach and Beetroot Wraps

These beautifully colourful wraps make a welcome savoury alternative to sweet pancakes at breakfast, or as a delicious…

Warm Roasted Salad with a Walnut & Red Wine Vinegar Dressing

Warm roasted salads like this one are an absolute staple in my autumn and winter kitchen.

Buddha Bowl with Miso Tahini Dressing

Buddha bowls combine a selection of delicious different bits and pieces, which, ideally vary in colour, taste and……

Roasted Red Pepper & Lentil Soup

A delicious, warming soup packed full of nutritious vegetables

Salsa Verde & Butternut Squash Soup

I think a really herby salsa verde is perhaps one of the most elevating condiments we can make, turning the simplest soup,…

Warm Festive Salad with an Orange Vinaigrette

The festive season can mean a lot of heavy meals. Delicious as they might be, I think we all have days or occasions when we…

Spiced Roasted Nuts

These are a lovely and quick snack to serve with a glass of ice-cold fizz. A roaring fire and great company go well with…

Veggie Nuggets

These nutritious nuggets don’t last very long at all in my house. Willow adores dipping them into a yogurt dip or homemade…

Herby Green Omelette

This is a super-fast breakfast, filled with fresh herby greens.

Egg Breakfast Salad

New ways of enjoying eggs are always welcome at breakfast – I hope you like this salad version as much as I do.

Amelia’s Favourite Breakfast

This is my favourite option, and one that I must have at least 5 days a week. It’s nutritious, filling and sets me up for…

Sweet Potato Toasts with Scrambled Tofu

Yes, sweet potato toast really does work! Naturally gluten-free and delicious toast with minimal effort.