Site, Content & Image Credits

Special thanks goes to the following for their help and contribution to the contents of this site.

Portrait of Dr Rosamund Yoxall


It has been an enormous privilege to have initially mentored Rozzie, but latterly to be working side by side. She is a brilliant authority and I am grateful for her assistance and contribution in the research and writing of many of the Articles. She has a particular interest in helping new mothers take better care of themselves  – Well Mama Guide).

Large smorgasbord platter


I have worked with Candida since the early days and she has been close at hand throughout my journey. She is my Creative Director and Technical Whizz Kid. Candida has planned, developed, designed and edited the site and you’ll also find many of her photographs amidst its pages (she wears many hats!).

EMMA LATELY – Nutritional Therapist (DipION, mBANT), Cook & Food Stylist

Special note also goes to Emma Lately for her many years of assistance with recipes (development, tasting, styling & imagery). She has particular tenacity when it comes to uniting flavours and I have so enjoyed bouncing ideas back and forth.



I have been hugely fortunate to have worked with Susan Bell and her team for my last 3 books, Cook. Nourish. Glow., Nourish & Glow: The 10 Day plan, and Simply Good for You (all Michael Joseph / Penguin). Her images can be seen here throughout the site.


Ali Allen photographed my 1st Book, Eat. Nourish. Glow., (HarperCollins)
You’ll find her beautiful photos nestled in the recipes section.



You’ll find Ryn’s delightful hand drawn fine line illustrations amongst the pages of my book, Nourish & Glow: The 10 Day plan (Michael Joseph / Penguin). I’m certain you’ll also enjoy seeing them pop up on the pages here.


Heather’s exquisite food illustrations featured in my 1st book, Eat. Nourish. Glow., so resonate with me for so many reasons. You’ll find them popping up all over the site.