Self-care practices for our changing world

Things to consider trying

Sticking to your normal bedtime and wake-up time as much as possible, including at weekends.

Plan to have 8 hours asleep, so work back from your waking up time, to know when to start going to bed. You might need longer to relax and unwind than usual at the moment, so factor this in.

Move, where possible, during the day (but not within 3 hours of bedtime, if this is realistic)

Get some sunlight in the early morning. Sit your desk near a sunny window, have a coffee on your balcony, perhaps get outside (where possible) and take a morning walk. Even just stick your head out of the window and take a deep breath! Early morning sunlight helps us regulate our circadian rhythm.

Try Yoga Nidra or Yin yoga just before bed if you need a helping hand with relaxation. One of my team has been attending an online bedtime Yin Yoga class on Wednesdays and Sundays (it’s 30 minutes, starting at 9pm, £5). She has found it makes a fantastic difference to how well she sleeps those nights.

Things to consider minimising

Reading the news

Late-night anxiety provoking news, books, TV shows or other social content. If possible, turn off screens, leave phones out of the bedroom, and truly observe a ‘technological sundown’.


Watch the caffeine. Minimise all caffeine after 1pm if you are sleeping poorly. The same goes with alcohol – it can disrupt sleep quality in the later part of the night.

Work creeping into the bedroom

If possible, try to keep your work set-up out of the bedroom, or have a way of ‘shutting it down’ for the night if this isn’t an option. Throw a scarf or blanket over your desk when you clock-off, so you signal to yourself that the bedroom becomes a place of rest and relaxation.

Other resources

Gentle books:

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  • The ‘Calm’ App has a section of 20-30 minute long gentle Sleep Stories, which many people find helpful if their mind is racing around bedtime. White noise is another trick that some find beneficial.