Super Quick Kale, Apple & Avocado

Sometimes the quickest dishes are the best and most satisfying – if you are short on time or rushing out the door, this super quick salad packs a nutritional punch and, best of all, can be made in seconds.

This salad is a typical dish for me – clean eating, bursting with nutrients and goodness and so easily thrown together in a couple of minutes.

Super Quick Kale, Apple, Avocado & Seeds Salad

Avocado, Apple & Kale Salad


  • kale
  • apple
  • avocado
  • seeds
  • drizzle of olive oil
  • apple cider vinegar
  • sea salt & black pepper

Throw all the ingredients together and dress. If you are super rushed, why not pop the salad in a jar to eat later? You’ll have something really nutritious to eat and there’ll be no temptation to grab a less healthy offering from the shops.


Try to keep a good stock of everyday essentials in your cupboards like nuts and seeds, good quality oils and apple cider vinegar. See what I keep in mine:

What' s in my kitchen cupboards?


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