Green Breakfast Smoothie by Amelia Freer



This nutritious smoothie is a good breakfast substitute for when we are short on time in the morning. It can even be prepared the night before for a swifter start to the day. The vegetables in this smoothie provide so many nutrients and fibre to support so many functions in our body and the avocado is a source of “healthy” unsaturated fats which are important to our heart health. I have used cashew butter to provide some protein which will help to keep our blood sugar levels stabilised and keep us full until lunchtime. Kiwis provide vitamin C which helps to support our immune system as well as the growth and repair of our cells.

I’ve used coconut water as it gives a nice flavour but also provides minerals including potassium and manganese are important for our mineral balance and the function of all of our cells, tissues and organs. Cucumber and lettuce are in season from June through to September hence why I call this my summertime smoothie.

serves 4 


head of romaine lettuce, roughly chopped
1 cucumber (peeled, if not organic), trimmed and roughly chopped
handful of young-leaf spinach
1 avocado, peeled and stoned
2cm cube of root ginger, peeled
16 mint leaves
juice of 2 limes
4 kiwi fruit, peeled
4 tbsp cashew nut butter (for homemade – see below)
about 500ml coconut water (or water)
4 ice cubes


Top Tip: To make cashew nut butter, soak 4 tbsp cashew nuts in water overnight, then drain, rinse and blend with 100ml water until smooth.

Blend everything together in batches in a large high-speed blender – add a little more water if you think the juice should be a little thinner. Serve in glasses.