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The Joy of Healthy Eating

The course brings you right into my home, kitchen and even my thoughts. You’ll come shopping with me, cook with me, meal plan and potter around my vegetable garden, learn my ways of thinking about food and nutrition, see how I cook efficiently every day and pick up all sorts of secrets, insights, knowledge and tricks that I’ve learnt over the years.

With over 30 beautifully filmed, bite-size videos, each roughly 10 minutes in length, alongside a collection of downloadable handouts with lots of recommended resources and 5 exclusive new recipes, this course encourages you to think beyond fads and rules, into a place of joyful, healthful, thriving food freedom, for life.

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What this course can do for you.

It will help you to make informed food decisions that suit your unique needs and tastes and encourage you to think beyond fads and rules, into a place of joyful, healthful, thriving food freedom.

Most of all, I hope that this course offers some joyful nourishment to anyone feeling overwhelmed and exhausted by the past few difficult months. A moment of escapism and a chance to focus on your own wellbeing for a while. I think we probably all deserve a little bit of that.

Lessons include:

Taking Responsibility, Kitchen Confidence, Preparing to Nourish, Food Philosophy, Setting Goals, Mindful Eating, Shopping Well, Kitchen Kit, explainers on key food groups (including Vegetables, Fruit, Protein, Carbohydrates and Healthy fats), 5 exclusive new cook-along recipes, Digestion, How to Build a Healthy Plate, Plant Based Balance, The Role of Nutritional Supplements, Batch Cooking and Meal Preparation, The Hidden Messages in Food, Joyful Eating for Life and more.

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How do I know if this course is for me?

Are you confused by constantly changing advice about what we supposedly ‘should’ and ‘shouldn’t’ be eating?

Are you busy and overwhelmed but still want to eat well and regularly cook from scratch?

Have you tried to change your eating patterns in the past but always seem to fall back into old habits?

Do you love food and understand how important it is for our social and emotional health, as well as our physical health?

Do you want to feel empowered to make informed and healthy choices around food, without feel constrained by rules or diets?

If you answered ‘Yes’ to any of the above, then this is the course for you.

How is this course different to the books?

I really see this course as a step-up from my books, website and other writing.

It’s more personal, more comprehensive and builds on my experience of working with thousands of clients in nutrition for well over a decade. It’s also far more visual (which is certainly how I learn best), and as each video is around 10 minutes in length, you can pick-and-choose the parts that are most relevant to you, or simply follow along at your own speed, wherever you are, whenever you like.

Is it complicated? Will I be able to do it?

Remember my philosophy is always to make healthy simple, so you won’t find overwhelming lessons in science or clinical trials. This is real-life, practical and friendly guidance, showing you exactly how and what to eat to help you thrive. We achieve this by making small, consistent, achievable shifts in our everyday habits, not through grandiose about-turns in all of our behaviour at once!

How much is it, and can I keep it all for life?

The course price is £127.

Yes, once purchased you can keep all the videos and the handouts, for life.

Do I need to be technical?

No! Create Academy has a really intuitive and simple-to-use online platform that you sign into to view the videos and download the handouts. It is available across your devices (phone, laptop, computer etc), so you can simply pick up wherever you last left off. It really is simple (I am far from a technical whizz myself), and they have great support if you have any difficulties.

What if I’ve tried to change my diet before and it didn’t work?

I completely understand. Almost all of my clients come to me in exactly the same situation. That is why this course is not just focussed on what to eat. We deep dive into mindset, goal setting, preparing to succeed, and much more. We also look at ways to optimise kitchen efficiency, as so often I find it is the systems we have in place for shopping, cooking and eating, that are what make (or indeed break) our best intentions.

I hope it will feel as though I am in your kitchen with you, supporting you to make simple yet powerful changes. It might not quite be a one-to-one with me, but I think it might (almost!) be better.

Is the course about losing weight?

No. The course is not specifically about weight loss. It is far broader than that, although many of the strategies, systems and knowledge I share in it would be supportive to a weight loss journey. It is primarily about helping you to find a nourishing, joyful healthy diet for life – in a way that is personalised to your specific likes, needs and lifestyle. Once this state of balance has been found, weight loss tends to be a side-benefit, rather than the main focus (if indeed, you need to lose weight at all).

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“Such lovely, caring, important and informative advice. So simple to apply and follow… I am actually really sad that I have finished the course as I have enjoyed it so much – although I know I can re-visit at any time.”

Create Academy Comment

“Thank you so much I thoroughly enjoyed the course. You have taught me so much and are a true inspiration.”

Create Academy Comment

“Loved your course thank you so much, I’m going to start it again and make my own notes, then get cooking.”

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Amelia, the course has been inspiring and your words encouraging. Your clear explanations and knowledge has so enthused me to eat well to feel good.”

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“Really enjoyed the course thank you. I have taken notes and tried one recipe so far – the Gnocchi – which was delicious… I echo the comments from others the style of the course really works and it has been great.”

Testimonial from viewer

“Amelia’s course is fantastic. I learnt so much and came away feeling equipped to really make healthy eating a part of my life.”

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