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AMELIA FREER FdSc, Dip ION is one of the UK’s leading Nutritional Therapists and healthy living experts. She is also an internationally bestselling author of five books, regular contributor to both national and international media, enthusiastic home cook, kitchen gardener, and busy mum to Willow.

Amelia knows first-hand that true wellbeing comes from supporting our entire lifestyle; from sleep to movement, social connection to our home environment and much, much more.

This website therefore reaches far beyond simply nutrition. From evidence-based articles on all sorts of healthy living topics, to glorious garden inspiration for a moment of seasonal escapism, sustainable and organised home ideas, and of course, lots of quick and healthy recipes for the whole family. We hope you enjoy taking a look around.

Amelia’s Principals & Values

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Amelia’s introduction to nutritional therapy happened when seeking solutions to health issues in her 20s. She was impressed and captivated by just how positive and powerful making changes to her diet lent to her recovery. This quickly led to the undertaking of extensive training in the field of Nutritional Therapy at the Institute for Optimum Nutrition in Richmond where she completed a 4 year Diploma in Nutritional Therapy, graduating in 2007. She has continued to further her knowledge and expertise with leading professional bodies including the Institute for Functional Medicine and continues to seek out ongoing professional development and hands-on experience.

Being a country girl at heart, Amelia lives in rural Wiltshire, where you will mostly find her pottering in the vegetable garden. Amelia’s garden looms large in her life and she regularly shares musings championing the benefits of growing-your-own seasonal vegetables, herbs and fruits, even if the only available space is a window box or small terrace. If not in the garden, you’ll find her in the kitchen, cooking up simple, delicious dishes for family and friends and to help inspire others.

“I think when you have experienced first-hand what a difference good nutrition can make to how you look, how you feel, how you sleep, how much energy you have and your overall health, it is hard not to also develop a passion for it. And that passion naturally went on to become my career. Since making changes to my own eating habits, I feel empowered not restricted – I think I enjoy food now more than ever”.

Amelia takes a scientific, holistic and compassionate approach to health and nutrition. She is an advocate of Positive Nutrition which she introduces in her book Nourish & Glow: The 10-day plan. Her focus is very much on inclusion rather than exclusion of foods – helping people to get a wide variety of nutrients from different foods and food groups into their diet, rather than encouraging avoidance of the less-healthy options. Cooking meals from scratch with fresh ingredients (especially vegetables), reaping the benefits of seasonal produce, learning how to set oneself up for success in the kitchen with good organisation and ensuring that food remains joyful and rewarding, are all pivotal in supporting improvements in our diet, and ultimately our long-term health.

Amelia believes that the food we eat can help underpin all pillars of good health and well-being; a well fuelled, nourished body provides us with the energy and impetus to seek change in other areas of our life and this can help kick start a positive cycle of self-care.

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Amelia's Books

Amelia is the best selling author of five books. With engaging, supportive writing and easy-to-follow recipes, Amelia draws on her experience from helping thousands of clients, alongside her own experience as a busy working mother and home cook, to make great nutrition as simple, accessible and joyful as possible.

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Industry and Media

Amelia has collaborated with leading household brands in ambassadorial, partnership and influencer roles. She is currently affiliated with Lime Wood as their expert, in-house advisor. Amelia is also a regular contributor to mainstream press and media, and a seasoned speaker at industry events.

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