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Simply Good For You

Simply Good for You, my 4th book, is a bible of 100 quick, easy and healthy recipes with simplicity and speed at their core. From one-pan meals to seasonal roasted salads, comforting slow-cooker recipes to speedy breakfasts, with plenty of tasty packed-lunch ideas, nutritious toast toppings and plenty of ways to use up leftovers along the way. Not to mention the infamous ‘instant’ soups, deliciously sweet and special occasion dishes too.

Bursting with goodness and flavour, I hope that many of these recipes will become firm favourites in your own household, as they have done for so many families already!

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Recipes Include:

BREAKFAST – Butternut Baked Beans, Fruity Breakfast Crumble Bars

LUNCH – Lentil & Lemon Chicken Salad, Vegetable & Feta Fritters

DINNER – Harissa Prawn Skewers with Herbed Broccoli rice, Slow Cooked Pulled Pork with Apple Slaw, One Tray Roasted Winter Salad

SWEET THINGS – Chocolate Raspberry Pots, Coconut & Almond Pear Crumble

Amelia with daughter Willow

Quite simply,
good for you

Since having my daughter, Willow, there has been an inevitable shift in my priorities. As a new mother trying to navigate my way, my focus in the kitchen moved towards nourishing meals that I could rustle up as quickly and simply as possible. It’s so easy to lose the impetus to cook when times are busy, but when our bodies are under stress, I find a good, nourishing meal to be such a powerful antidote.

In this book, you’ll find the simple everyday meals that I cook for myself, my family and friends. Those recipes you reach for when the fridge is looking bare, or when supper should have been ready 5 minutes ago. Each and every one is bursting with great nutrition and flavour, but with speed and ease at their core, these recipes really are Simply Good For You.

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“Over the years I have had a large number of recipe books of all kinds. Only a few remain on my shelf and become regular sources of inspiration. This one is here to stay.”

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“I’ve finally got around to buying ‘Simply Good For You’, and want to make everything straight away. It’s an extraordinary book, healthy eating and so easy to prep…”

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“Absolutely loving your new book… the simplicity is genius, exactly what busy people need.”

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“Amelia makes healthy food simple and accessible. You’ll be feeling good in more ways than one.”

Be Kind

“Amelia Freer brings simplicity back into the kitchen with these wholesome recipes. There’s something for everyone.”

Evening Standard

“Amelia Freer’s fad-free diet plans are a hit with the A-list. The recipe collection is a record of everything Freer’s been feeding her family for the last two years.”

The Happy Foodie

“Perfect for: Busy cooks who like to have both flavour and nutrition at the centre of every meal and health-conscious parents who want to feed their whole family well.”

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