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It is always a joy and great privilege to be invited to discuss healthy eating and well-being with fellow professionals and enthusiasts.

The Filling

Chatting to Anna this week, for episode 3 of her new podcast The Filling, is nutritionist and best-selling author Amelia Freer. Anna and Amelia bond over a shared ‘cooking as meditation’ philosophy with Amelia explaining how positive nutrition should be about what you include in your diet, and not what you exclude. Beige foods are also discussed as well as the best hangover meals (tuna mayonnaise and sweetcorn for Amelia). We also learn how a tenure working for Prince Charles shaped a shift in Amelia’s lifestyle and, despite its nutritional benefits, you won’t find her drinking a turmeric latte.

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Outspoken Beauty

In this episode of Outspoken Beauty I’m joined by the one of the UK’s top Nutritional Therapists, the lovely Amelia Freer.

What I love about Amelia (who is the author of the excellent book Simply Good For You) is that she doesn’t give hard to follow, fad driven advice but is just really sensible and encourages a balanced approach to eating that is realistic and helpful for someone like me who is never going to stick to eating nut cheese and slurping on celery juice.

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Feel Good Habits

Amelia Freer is a nutritional therapist and author who joins me to share her feel-good habits.

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What The Focaccia?

The Emotional Aspect Behind Food with Nutritionist Amelia Freer: With hosts Niki Webster and Bettina Campolucci Bordi. What the Focaccia? grills Amelia Freer over a glass (or two) about her own food philosophy and how her celebrity clients helped scale her career. The episode also discusses why you should never use food as a reward and what popular food Niki can’t stand.

The Doctor’s Kitchen

Making Nutrition Simple: with host Dr Rupy Aujla. Amelia and Rupy get to the roots of the benefits of simple nutrition.

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Talking Tastebuds

Kind Nutrition: Talking Tastebuds is a new weekly podcast series hosted by Venetia Falconer. Here, we chat about all things nutrition, included how I have navigated my own relationship with food.

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It was a true privilege to record a podcast with the wonderful Zoe Blaskey from Motherkind. We discuss:

My difficult journey to becoming pregnant
How I have ensured my health remains top priority
How I have managed to overcome the difficulties of working whilst being a Mum to a young daughter
How my nutrition and diet have changed

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Dessert Island Dishes

I met the absolutely delightful Margie Nomura and her bestie, Digby, the most handsome sausage dog, to be interviewed for one of my all time favourite podcast series: Desert Island Dishes. If highly recommend Margie’s podcasts yet – there are so many brilliant interviews but I think Ruthie Rogers has to be my all time favourite.

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Dr Rangan Chatterjee

Feel Better, Live More: Dr Rangan Chatterjee is so passionate about the vital role nutrition plays in our well-being. We could have chatted for hours! Do listen to the podcast series as there is a legacy of worthy contributors together with some great guests due.

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Deliciously Ella; The Podcast

I was absolutely thrilled to be Ella and Matt Mills first guest on their podcast series. We discuss the concept of positive nutrition, how to find balance in the way we eat, and how to navigate the bombardment of conflicting information around healthy eating. Plus, we share top tips for staying healthy when life is busy.

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The Parent Hood

Why healthy eating doesn’t have to be complicated: Host Marina Fogle talks to nutritional therapist Amelia Free about how nutritious eating is often the simplest, with ideas on how to encourage your family to really enjoy healthy food.

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Grow, cook, eat, arrange with Sarah Raven & Arthur Parkinson

This week Sarah chats to Amelia Freer, a nutritional therapist, author and self-taught cook on her helpful approach to eating which focuses on what to include instead of what to avoid. Amelia’s latest book, Simply Good For You, is a beautiful collection of recipes that are incredibly simple and easy to make, largely using veg and perfect for the busy, working parent. She encourages freedom, creativity and enjoyment, and is an advocate of enhancing recipes to make them your own.

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The Therapy Edit

On this episode of One Thing Anna chats with Amelia Freer about why self nourishment for mothers truly matters.

Amelia Freer is a Registered Nutritional Therapist and international best selling author, debuting with the inspirational Eat. Nourish. Glow., now translated into many languages. Amelia’s fourth book, Simply Good for You, was released in Dec 2019.

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The Allsorts Podcast

I couldn’t think of a better first guest for this pod than Amelia Freer. Amelia has long championed the notion of positive nutrition, which is a stark departure from the restrictive, diet-focused advice rampant online. Amelia Freer (FdSc, Dip ION) is one of the UK’s most respected nutritional therapists and healthy eating experts. She has headed a thriving private clinic in London for over a decade and has helped thousands to achieve a happier, healthier life.

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The Grace Tales Podcast

Like so many women, British celebrity nutritional therapist and best-selling author Amelia Freer just assumed she’d one day be a mother. But as she ended her thirties, she suffered a spate of miscarriages – including one that occurred while Freer was appearing on live TV, promoting one of her best-selling books – and doctors told her to prepare for a life without children.

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