I am at my absolute happiest in the kitchen (followed swiftly by the garden), rustling up a tasty meal for family or friends. Preparing and cooking nourishing meals is something I look forward to enormously and I ensure that I always prioritise it. There is nothing more rewarding in life than preparing food for loves ones and sharing it around a big table (especially if the weather is kind enough to allow some alfresco dining).

I know that, for some, finding time and motivation to cook can often be a struggle amidst our busy lives, plus many feel that consistently planning and cooking meals from scratch can be a challenge. One of the great joys of my job is helping people realise how easy it can be with a little planning, pre-prep and know-how. I love to inspire people to gain confidence in the kitchen and learn how to enjoy the whole process from start to finish.

Bespoke menu creation

Concept menu creation

I am also often approached by brands who want help designing concept menus for their special occasion (including catering notes and recipes if necessary).

This is something I particularly enjoy doing and have worked with many wonderful brands, including Marks and Spencer’s, Nike, Elemis and many others. Do get in touch if you have an upcoming event and would like help designing your catering plans.

Please send an email to info@ameliafreer.com

Talking events


I love nothing more than talking to a room full of people about nutrition and health as I am so passionate about it. I don’t wish to do formal overhead projector talks, but I can prepare relaxed and friendly presentations on a wide variety of nutritional topics, with plenty of time for Q & As. Nutrition is a complex subject and there is much confusion, controversy and a lot of unnecessary anxiety surrounding it. I enjoy helping audiences to cut through this noise and instead, start to discover a sensible and sustainable nutritional road map to live by.

I am a regular speaker on the well-being event circuit. Past events have included appearances at Stella Live, Balance Festival and GLAMOUR Beauty Festival.

Presentation fees vary depending on travel, number of attendees and length of the presentation, so please email my assistant info@ameliafreer.com with the details of your proposed event so that we can work on finding the best option for you. A venue can sometimes be provided at an extra cost.

Private Events

Private Events

Come and join me with your family, friends or colleagues and enjoy a totally bespoke, personalised event. I offer all variety of options – from a simple ‘kitchen confidence’ class through to full day masterclass events, in your kitchen or in mine. I also occasionally hold events at my house in the Wiltshire countryside which can include a tour of my kitchen garden and a delicious shared meal during which you can quiz me with all your nutritional queries. These events are warm and intimate and I relish hosting them.

Please contact me by email in the first instance: info@ameliafreer.com

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