Amelia Freer's Chocolate Mousse with Hazelnuts
Photo by Jen Rich

Chocolate & Orange
Chia Pudding



A chocolate pudding that contains omega-3 fatty acids, antioxidants, minerals, is a complete source of protein with all the essential amino acids, and more fibre than flaxseed is a very rare pudding indeed!

People used to scoff at the mention of a chia seed but they are now widely available and have moved on from the frog spawn reputation! It is true that they are not cheap however, because they swell up when soaked in liquid, you don’t need to use a lot and they are really very filling. This is a richly rewarding pudding in terms of ease, taste and nutrition.

serves 3 


2 tbsp chia seeds
Juice and grated zest of 2 oranges
100ml milk of choice (I use hazelnut here)
½ tsp vanilla powder
1 tsp ground cinnamon
1 tsp coconut crystals
2 tbsp raw cacao powder


Pour the chia seeds into a container with a lid (I use an old jam jar), then pour the orange juice and hazelnut milk (or milk of choice) over and stir.

Add the vanilla, cinnamon and coconut crystals. Cover with a lid, shake well and leave for 30 minutes.

Spoon the mixture into serving glasses, bowls or cups, then grate the orange zest over the top and finish with a sprinkling of cacao powder. Then enjoy this guilt-free, healthy treat.

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