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8 ‘Healthy’ Things I Don’t Do

As wellness & nutrition professionals, we are generally very good at making recommendations about practices and habits that are beneficial to health. What we are not so great at, however, is reassuring people about the things they don’t need to worry too much about. We have busy lives and limited budgets. So to prevent a sense of overwhelm, or guilt that by not doing everything we are somehow not taking good care of ourselves, we need to prioritise those practices that serve us best and consciously choose to let others go.


Summer Health

Summer is peak growing season, with fields, growing spaces, polytunnels, allotments and perhaps even our own gardens or windowsills bursting at the seams with produce. It’s easier to find locally grown fruit and vegetables and as harvests increase, prices tend to fall too. Now is therefore the perfect time to embrace fruits and vegetables in all their technicolour glory.



If you’re curious for information and would like to understand more of the context behind the ‘headline’ well-being advice I share, then this section is for you. You’ll find in-depth articles, evidence-based information and some hard-learned experience. It’s a place to dive deeper into the discussions around lifestyle, science and practice.

As always, nothing written here is a substitute for medical or personalised nutritional advice – so please be mindful of your own needs and seek appropriate professional support as necessary (see FAQs for more info). 

Spring Health

New season produce, longer daylight hours and hopefully a few gaps in the weather allow me to get outdoors and move a bit. It certainly feels easier to take good care of myself in spring than it does…

New in Nutrition

New In Nutrition | Feb 2021

New in Nutrition is a place to showcase the new products, books, podcasts, people, places or initiatives that my team and I feel are doing interesting, important or exciting things in nutrition and…

Small changes still count

However persuasively sold to us, it simply isn’t true that we need to radically change everything about our lifestyle and somehow becomes a new, ‘better’ person to be healthy.

How to spend less on food and still eat deliciously well 

Food is often one of the biggest expenditures in many household budgets, after rent or mortgage payments. It is also non-negotiable: We have to eat, so we have to spend money on food.

100 healthy, plant-based recipes

A great many of us are choosing to enjoy more plant-based meals, for taste, health, environmental and/or ethical reasons.

12 Nourishing Convenience Foods

While I am an enthusiastic advocate of simple, home-cooked meals, there are certainly times when turning to healthy convenience foods is a real blessing.

3 Christmas Tables

If you’re anything like me, half the fun of the Christmas meal is laying the table. It’s the one moment of the year where I really go to town, with flowers, candles, beautiful linens and our best…

New in Nutrition

New In Nutrition | Nov 2020

New in Nutrition is a place to showcase the new products, books, podcasts, people, places or initiatives that my team and I feel are doing interesting, important or exciting things in nutrition and…

The Power of Positive Nutrition

Everyday food choices have become quite fraught for many people, which I think is a real shame. Food is one of life’s greatest pleasures, comforts and lovingly held expressions of cultural and…

How I have changed my shopping habits recently

Perhaps one of the main benefits to come out of this year's experience was that it radically changed how I shop. Initially out of necessity, but now out of choice.

Thinking about: Caffeine

Wrapping my hands around a steaming mug of coffee on a cold morning, or sharing a cup of tea with a friend are a couple of my favourite simple pleasures. But I am often asked if the caffeine within…

New in Nutrition

New In Nutrition | Sept 2020

I’m so excited to share a brand-new feature with you, New in Nutrition.

healthy breakfast ideas

80+ Healthy Breakfast Ideas

A nutritious breakfast can be a very positive way to start the day. Ensuring our bodies and brains are well nourished helps to provide us with energy and focus right through until the evening.

Why ‘eating the rainbow’ is not just a clichéd phrase

While eating a colourful diet alone is not sufficient – we also need to pay attention to the spread of our nutritional intake from various food groups and other essential nutrients – it is still an…

9 tips for a great night’s sleep

Many of us know the joy that comes from waking up after a wholly uninterrupted and blissfully restorative night, but also how profoundly a bad night can affect the following days.

Is Joy a missing piece of the healthy puzzle?

Practicing good nutrition, healthy living, regular exercise or frankly, any aspect of wellness can, at least to some people, be deeply associated with joylessness and parsimony.

Vitamin D

It is tricky to get enough vitamin D from food sources alone and although sunlight is our key alternative source, there may be a number of occasions when getting adequate sun exposure is difficult

Summer Health

Summer is peak growing season, with fields, growing spaces, polytunnels, allotments and perhaps even our own gardens or windowsills bursting at the seams with produce.

6 tips for cooking during coronavirus

It’s a strange world we all exist in at the moment and although it might not feel quite so new anymore, it certainly is a big change from our old normal.

My 8 most-used pieces of kitchen kit

With so many of us now cooking all our meals at home and perhaps taking lockdown as an opportunity to finally clear out the back of our kitchen cupboards and have a bit of a spring clean, I thought…

How to enjoy cooking for one

First, I want to extend a validating hug to anyone struggling with the potential loneliness of cooking and eating alone, especially if this is a new experience, or you are finding it hard to adjust…

Self-care practices for our changing world

I feel passionately that NOW is the time when self care matters most. Access to support systems and professional resources may be harder than it has been in the past. So instead, we may turn to…

Salmon Soba Noodle Salad by Amelia Freer

Food & Mood

Good food is, for me, a huge source of comfort. That includes the process of cooking as well as sharing the resulting meal. Perhaps the most powerful impact that food can have on our mood is not…

Plant-based Diet: 9 Key Nutrients

This article gives a broad overview of 9 important nutrients to be aware of if you choose to consume a plant-based diet. They are not the only nutrients that need consideration, nor is this a…

Thinking About: Eating a plant-based diet

I believe it is important to be nutritionally informed when choosing to adopt a completely plant-based diet for the long-term (i.e., beyond Veganuary), to make sure we’re giving our bodies everything…

Mindful Self Compassion: how to be kinder to yourself

A Kinder Approach to Healthy Living

Mindful self-compassion is a beautiful concept and a radical shift for those of us used to having a particularly active and harsh inner critic - that internal voice that undermines us, criticises us,…

Winter Health

As autumn gently slides into winter and the riotous colours of Mother Nature subside into gentle, greyscale hues, the call of the natural world - and often of ourselves - is to withdraw, rest and…

meal planning tips

14 Meal-planning Tips

14 Meal-planning tips for a cheaper, simpler and more nutritious diet, plus a printable sheet to help you get started.

How to build a healthy plate

How to ‘Build’ a Healthy Plate

If you, like many of us (myself included!), get stuck for inspiration on how to plan or put together a healthy meal from scratch, this simple guideline will hopefully lend some guidance.

Food & Symptom diary

The Benefits of Keeping a Food & Symptom Diary

A food and symptom diary, can be a helpful way to take stock of our everyday eating and drinking habits and start to tune into how our body is feeling.

My Guide To Non-Food Treats

This is a concept that I have shared many times, but I realised I had never really compiled a list of ideas and suggestions on my website – so here they are.


Understanding Food Categories

I know it all might seem rather simple, but it is a good idea to build sensible, balanced knowledge of nutrition up from scratch.

How to eat more fibre

Eat More Fibre

Fibre is a key component of a healthy diet. Here in the UK, we are encouraged to consume 30g fibre per day – but the average adult intake is just 19g). We could be doing a bit better - how?

What is Positive Nutrition?

In recent years, I have wholeheartedly embraced the idea of Positive Nutrition. For those who read Nourish & Glow: The 10-day plan, you will probably be familiar with the idea already, as it forms…

Well Being Article: How much Alcohol is too much? By Amelia Freer

Alcohol: How much is too much?

With Christmas soon upon us and the swing of festive parties and celebrations underway, champagne corks will be a-popping and cocktail shakers to the ready. I, like many, really do love a glass or…

Spotlight on Exercise, Part 3: Creating An Exercise Habit

Moving our body throughout the day, regularly getting out of breath and incorporating some strength and resistance training into our week are all fantastic ways to maintain health and prevent future…

Spotlight on Exercise, Part 2: The potential risks of over-exercising

Whilst no single definition of ‘over-exercising’ exists, I tend to think of it as the point at which your body is starting to struggle with the amount of training stress you are asking it to handle,…

Spotlight on Exercise, Part 1: The health benefits of exercise

It’s hard to argue with the fact that regular movement is good for our health. As well as playing an important role in helping to prevent heart disease, type 2 diabetes, stroke, some cancers and…

Gut Health, Part 3: 10 Ways to Help Support Gut Health

To nourish our guts, we first need to remove any potentially inflammatory factors (this could be some foods), improve digestion, heal any gut permeability (often called leaky gut), optimise…

Gut Health, Part 2: Probiotics and Prebiotics in gut health

In the second part of this gut health series, we are going to look at the role of probiotics and prebiotics in gut health – possibly one of the most exciting new topics to emerge in nutrition in the…

Gut Health, Part 1: The Basics of Gut Health

This topic is a real interest of mine. I often see clients who are struggling with all sorts of problems – ranging from skin disorders to obesity – which may stem from poor gut health, yet they…

Thinking About: Fish

Fish is such a nutritious, versatile and delicious ingredient. I love how simple it is to make into a super healthy and quick meal – just a few minutes baked in the oven or under the grill, a squeeze…

Shopping Locally

Back in our grandparents’ day there were few supermarkets. Everything was brought locally, either from independent stores or directly from the producers. Most meals were cooked from scratch, and…

Article: Autumn Health by Amelia Freer

What is Functional Medicine?

You may have noticed in my bio that I have a qualification from the Institute of Functional Medicine. Not many people really understand exactly what Functional Medicine is, nor how it is different to…

Life as a Nutritional Therapist, Amelia Freer

Life as a Nutritional Therapist

One of the wonderful things about my profile as a nutritional therapist is that I get lots of budding nutritional therapists asking for advice. And of course I believe that there is plenty of room…

Seasonal Affective Disorder

There is no definitive explanation for what causes SAD just yet, although there are various hypotheses – from chemical imbalances (such as serotonin or melatonin), to reduced light exposure, to…

Functional Weight Optimisation

Thinking About Weight Loss

In summary, Functional Medicine is the scientific approach to health concerns that focuses on identifying any potential root causes for each individual. Whilst many people may have the same…

Wellbeing Article: Autumn Health by Amelia Freer

Autumnal Health

As we move into deep autumn, my thoughts turn toward preparing both myself and my larder for the cold months ahead. This transition has never been something I dread – I adore the new flavours of the…

Food Sustainability: A discussion of the EAT-Lancet report

Food Sustainability: A discussion of the EAT-Lancet report

I was really interested to read the EAT-Lancet Commission’s ‘Planetary Health Diet’ paper published in January 2019. It led to a 3-part mini-series on my Instagram account, and I was very grateful…

Portrait of Amelia Freer holding kale

Why Clean Eating Needs a Side Order of Common Sense

Just like fashion, trends in dieting come and go. I’ve been an interested observer of these for well over a decade now, watching each new idea peak in popularity before fading away in readiness for…

Should I Be Taking Supplements?

This is a question that I am asked almost daily. The idea certainly seems appealing, that by taking these little pills, you can almost ‘insure’ yourself against perhaps a less-than-perfect lifestyle.…

Buying Meat: The Questions to Ask

What is right for one person may be wholly wrong for another. I'm a strong advocate and supporter of personal choice – and this is especially true when it comes to considering the choice between…

Thinking About: Fats

The National Obesity Forum, in association with Public Health Collaboration, published a report which sought to address the epidemics of obesity and type 2 diabetes. Some of the recommendations are…

Is Organic Food Worth It?

In an ideal world, all of our food would be organic, home-grown and eaten within a few hours of picking, but that isn't a fair reality. Given the opportunity, which foods are worth prioritising to…

Detox: Fact or Fad?

‘Detox’ is certainly an appealing concept. For some, it allures to the purification and redemption of an unhealthy lifestyle; a ‘quick-fix’ to undo the late nights and hangovers. For others, the…

What’s Your Body Image?

With today’s cultural and technological appetites, especially for social media, we have laid sadly ourselves bare to the constant bombardment of staged and altered images of perceived beauty. For…

Thinking About: Dairy

The question of whether or not to consume dairy is a great example of this difference and one that really has no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ answer.

Tap Water

Is the tap water in the UK safe to drink? What are the UK water regulations? Drinking water in the UK is very tightly regulated: it must fulfil a wide range of safety standards that are in place to…

Thinking About: Oily Fish

We have all seen the headlines that oily fish is apparently yet another ‘superfood’ and therefore something we should be including more of in our diets. But does the evidence support these claims?…