Self-care practices for our changing world

Things to consider trying

Try to get outside to exercise if at all possible. This is absolutely my number one tip for coping with a winter lockdown. Try to get just a little bit of fresh air and sunlight (even if it’s through clouds), every single day. Whatever the weather!

If you have a garden try circuits, yoga, even digging the flower beds or veg patch, otherwise use other safe outdoor spaces for a run, walk or bike ride. Obviously follow public health guidance when doing this

Online Classes
There is a huge surge in online class offerings – see resources below for more info.

Things to consider minimising

Sedentary time for prolonged periods.

It’s easy to move significantly less if you’re working from home, so set a timer to get up and move every hour or so. 5 star jumps or running on the spot for 30 seconds gets everything moving again. Using the Pomodora technique (basically, dividing your day into 25 minute chunks – lots of apps are available for this – is something that many people have recommended as a great way to time manage your day and include movement ‘snacks’.

An uncomfortable desk set-up

If working from home, try to make sure it is as ergonomic and comfortable as possible. Sore backs, necks, shoulders and wrists can occur quite quickly with awkward positions. For more information on how to set your desk up, take a look at this checklist from the National Institute of Health.

Other resources

With the kids:


  • Yoga with Adriene (Free, YouTube)
  • Movement for Modern Life – like Netflix for Yoga. Free 14 day trial.
  • Many local teachers are now offering live online classes too, so check the website of your local studio.
  • Triyoga is offering online classes.
  • For a wonderful Vinyasa Flow class, check out Heidi’s online classes (£8 each)

High intensity:

Barre & Ballet:

  • Paolas Body Barre is doing online barre and personal training classes for a tough, sculpting workout.
  • Free live ballet sessions on Youtube with The Ballet Coach (including for little ones from 2 years) with Sarah Du-Feu, an English National Ballet School trained dancer.


  • Sweaty Betty offers a wide selection of free, at-home workouts